2016                            Soaring Big Tree                      Acrylic on canvas


Creative exploration and life-long learning inspire me to keep discovering new ways of expressing my love for the incredible natural environment in the Pacific Northwest.   I am passionate about the forests and seas that surround us, and my paintings reflect my appreciation for the renewal of spirit that comes from exploring these places.

Hannah Salia


2019               Magic Forest

18”x 24”          Acrylic on canvas


2019          Fairytale Forest 1 (Ravel)

12”x24”     Acrylic on canvas

2019               Cascade

24”x18”          Acrylic on canvas


2019               Garland

20”x16”          Acrylic on canvas


2019               Say What

16”x20”          Acrylic on canvas

2019               Fairytale Forest 2 (Debussy)

16”x20”          Acrylic on canvas

2019          Happy snag family

36”x24”     Acrylic on canvas

2019          The Pines

18”x24”     Acrylic on canvas


2019              Kenton’s View

24”x 18”        Acrylic on canvas

2019              Spring Conversation

36”x 18”        Acrylic on canvas